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The Singing Ringing Tree Burnley

The Singing Ringing Tree is a large and unique musical structure, sat high upon a hillside on Crown Point, overlooking Burnley in Lancashire. The structure is in the shape of a misshapen tree, bending into the wind.

Its style is a panopticon (designed to look through rather than into), and is powered by the wind which runs through each of the steel tubes, singing and ringing sounds which sound a little or a lot depending on how windy it becomes!

The Singing Ringing Tree Burnley
The Singing Ringing Tree Burnley

Turf Moor – The home of Burnley FC (and for many a Happy Place!)

For many Burnley residents young and older, the sight of Turf Moor is a familiar one. With many residents holding season tickets, its place near the centre of the town and its many pubs and bars and good transport links make Turf Moor accessible to many (pre-Covid-19 of course).

The football ground is next door to Burnley’s cricket ground making the whole site an attractive venue. The stands dominate the skyline and road frontage signs in the distinct claret & blue colours.

The Jimmy Malloy Stand and ticket office, Turf Moor, Brunshaw Road, Burnley

Towneley Hall and gardens, Burnley

Towneley Hall is a recognisable building to many in the local area, sat within large gardens, parks and grounds (around 400 acres). The hall dates back to the 14th century and is open to the public (check the opening hours and Covid-19 changes prior to visiting) to view many of its collections including paintings, items and artefacts found within the local area and through private collections, including the Towneley family.
Towneley Hall, Burnley, Lancashire

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